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With more than a decade of experience, Acanto is a Brazilian/Canadian software house specialized in development and systems integration. With a highly skilled team of software engineers and developers, they’ve been working successfully in areas such as telemetry management, financial solutions, ERPs and Business Intelligence.


To celebrate the opening of its Canadian branch, Acanto was looking to incorporate the acanto leaf in its logo, and create a new brand identity that could represent the company’s core business (system integration). The challenge was unify old imagery; that dates back to ancient Greece, with today’s modern technology.


The logo represents, by its multiples squares, the many components of the software. The squares also represent the bit and the digital universe. The subtle light blue gradient represents the integration process, and the acanto’s leaf represent the company. The adoption of the acanto leaf transversal cut on the logo represents the company and its role on the integration process. The leaf is close to the darkest side of the gradient to represent that Acanto’s system makes easy the complicated process of software integration by transforming the darker colors into lighter hues.

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