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Compotite Shower Pan was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 1938 to manufacture and market “Compotite”, a patented material developed by G.A. Morthland as a waterproofing substitute for lead shower pans in homes. In 1958, the company was incorporated and soon Compotite was included in all model plumbing codes and sold nationwide to waterproof shower floors under a thick-bed mortar setting of ceramic tile or marble.


With almost 80 years of history, Compotite is a pioneer on both product development and marketing, but their website was outdated and did not represent the company’s legacy and innovative spirit. With a new management team in place and a lot of ideas on the table, including the change of brand identity, we had to create a website that would be flexible and easy to maintain, and at the same time could represent the new Compotite image.


We started by helping Compotite to finalize the new brand identity. We applied a flat design concept to the brand, modernizing the logo without losing the legacy and brand recognition. The next step was the new website. We focused the design on what was important to Compotite at the time, product line and customer service. The website was an immediate hit and reintroduced Compotite to the market with a brand new identity that carries the company’s history.

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