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Created in 2012, EuNaGringa, EuNaGringa (Portuguese for I’m Abroad) is one of the most respected blogs and concierge services in Las Vegas. EuNaGringa is the brainchild of Carol Ribeiro, a Brazilian who has been living in Vegas since 2010. The blog is monthly read by thousands of people who are planning to spend some time or enjoy a fun vacation in the Sin City. 


With the expansion of its business, the client asked us to rethink their brand and make it more professional. With a very loyal readers base, change a logo that is so well known is a challenge by itself. Add to it the need to incorporate all the blog spirit and create a brand that better represents the business, and you have a master challenge.


To keep the spirit of the blog and preserve the brand recognition factor, we decided to keep all the typography from the original brand and incorporate a new icon that represents the business. We choose a “carry-on luggage” as an icon to represent how easy is to travel when you hire a professional concierge services.

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