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Mineral Tiles E-commerce Website


Based in Miami, FL, Mineral Tiles is an online retail company with no physical showroom, but with real and caring professionals working hard to make your decoration dreams come true. With a structure designed to keep their prices low and offer high service quality,  they work directly with different manufacturers around the world to provide an extensive inventory in glass, stainless steel, metal, natural stone, porcelain, and standard ceramic tile.


Mineral Tiles wanted modernize its e-commerce website and add some new features that the hosting platform (Big Commerce) did not offer on their templates. With dozens of e-commerce websites dedicated to tile in the market, Mineral Tiles was looking for something unique that could set them apart from the competition.


After a series of meetings with the client, we came up with a concept that would put the products as a core structure of the layout, removing almost all other elements that are not products. From that point on, we developed a visual structure that is mostly white, allowing the product’s color to be better evaluated by Mineral Tile’s customers. Using the brand’s colors as pallet for additional elements we created a strong visual identity that is present, but not conflicting with the product.

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