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Supreme Milk Glass Promo Video


Based in Miami, FL, Mineral Tiles is an online retail company with no physical showroom, but with real and caring professionals working hard to make your decoration dreams come true. With a structure designed to keep their prices low and offer high service quality,  they work directly with different manufacturers around the world to provide an extensive inventory in glass, stainless steel, metal, natural stone, porcelain, and standard ceramic tile.


Being one of the whitest surfaces available in the marketing, Supreme Milk Glass was specially challenge to film due its color, reflectiveness, weight and sizes (from 12″ x 12″ to 32″ x 32″). The goal was to create a video that was at the same time visually attractive and informative, educating the customer on the product uses and specifications.


By mixing real-life footage, product photography and 3D renderings, we’ve created a small 1:30 (one and half minute) video that shows all product characteristics, including the small crystallized glass particle fused on the top of the tile and its other characteristics such as reflectiveness and thickness. All footage, 3D renders and photography was made by The Rebel Idea team, which helped to reduce time and production costs.

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