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Verve Group provides exclusive concierge services for a global A-list of celebrities and jetsetters. Based in Miami, FL Verve Group team operates around the world in the most exclusive clubs in Miami, New York and Ibiza to private parties in the French Riviera.


Create a name and logo that represent Verve group in a bold, but discreet way. Offering services to a very exclusive list of clients, Verve Group was looking to create an identity that could be associated with young and fun, but lavish and sophisticated lifestyle.


The name VERVE was suggested based on its meaning in English, and due the fact that its phonetic is easy to say in most of the languages such as French, Spanish, and Portuguese for example. The strong typography with soft curves was adapted to create this bold/young look. The crown was incorporated to represent the luxury and sophistication. The handwriting font for “group” was adopted to represent a lifestyle full of excitement and joy.

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