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Patricia Costa – Attorney at Patricia Costa Advocacia

It is with great pleasure that I come to talk about The Rebel Idea. They are synonym of respect, dedication and commitment to their partners and clients and what they undertake to do.

Over the years, this company has keeping their work with extreme responsibility with special dedication towards their clients.

Thank you for having crossed my path and I’m sure I’ve picked the perfect company to create my brand identity. Wishing you all the success that the universe can give you, because you are worthy of this victory.


Alan Hutchins – Compotite Corporation

Our company was badly in need of a makeover and The Rebel Idea was perfect for the job.  They listened to what our needs were and offered us basic sketches and ideas that we were able to work with to come up with our final design.  They were also able to understand the technical demands of our business and integrate them perfectly into our website.  The end product far exceeded our expectations and has helped us relaunch our company after being in business for over 75 years.

The Rebel Idea team was quick to respond in our communications and always completed the work before the deadlines that we had set.  We are quite satisfied with the quality of the work and we would highly recommend The Rebel Idea to anyone interested in creating a beautiful, creative and functional website.

Maria do Carmo Veras –

After a long time struggling with programming and design issues with my website, I found The Rebel Idea. Now I’m happy; everything on my website works perfectly, and I have the support that I always wanted. I hope our partnership will continue for many years

Henry Maia –

Satisfactory, professional, or even outstanding are not enough adjectives to describe the type of relationship that we’ve established with The Rebel Idea. If there is one word that can describe our relationship in terms of business, it would be “profitable,” which is ultimately the main goal for any company. They do not only turn ideas into solutions reasonably priced, but they come up with brilliant ideas, that are by nature, solutions for our customers’ needs. These guys have revamped our website, created amazing product videos and images that convert viewers into buyers. Their team don’t simply execute what we ask, but think, elaborate, put themselves on our “customer’s shoes” and try to come up with ideas that won’t be just appealing but also functional. Also, their expertise in BigCommerce’s platform, has allowed us to grow and customize our website with tools that were inexistent. They are programmers, web designers, thinkers; result oriented people! Best of all, The Rebel Idea is not the kind of company that gets satisfied when they deliver the job, but they go beyond. They want to know the results of it, and what would happen if they had changed the strategy, how would our customers react to it, and so. The Rebel Idea is always looking for more, and so are we, which make us a team.

Marina Tajra Araujo –

I was lucky to have a friend referring me to The Rebel Idea team. I loved that I had my website made by them. They are very attentive and excellent professionals. I am super pleased with the work they developed and with the continuous support they give us even after the completion of the website. Thank you. You are wonderful!!! Success.

Alexander Britell – Caribbean Journal

Finding a web developer is far easier said than done. After we started our company in 2011, we searched again and again for someone who was fair, honest and capable. The Rebel Idea has been a game-changer for us- They are as good technically as anybody, from coding to design, and also accessible and fair. They are the best web developer we’ve every worked with, by a large margin. 

Daniela Guaraciaba – Design Depot Furniture

First and foremost I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for the great work you’ve done on our site! We feel like you have captured the essence of the business and worked closely with us to make this site represent what we are as a company. The new social media project you have developed for us is very focused on our industry and will for sure be a success.

I could not have trusted any other company with our advertising needs besides The Rebel Idea and its great members. I see a lot of potential in our future as a team, and hope to grow together. Thank you again for all the dedication and support.

Juan Novo – Stones & More

It was a pleasure to work with Nauro and his team on the designing of our catalog. They were extremely nice and super professional. He has earned our trust and will get all our media business from now on. 

Albert Claramonte – Surfaces, Inc

My name is Albert Claramonte, and I am the Founder of Surfaces, Inc. of Miami. I would like to provide this letter of recommendation for The Rebel Idea, Inc. and its Founder, Nauro Rezende. I am uniquely qualified to give an opinion on Nauro and his company–Nauro was the Head of Marketing for my company for many years prior to starting The Rebel Idea.

There are not enough words to describe Nauro’s past and present contributions to the success of my firm. As background, Surfaces is the leading supplier of glass mosaic tiles to the Lowes Home Improvement chain of over 1,700 stores. In addition, Surfaces has had one-of-a-kind licensing arrangements with two titans in the home improvement and design industry: The DIY Network and Crayola. As you might expect, dealing with a company the size of Lowes, television entities like The DIY Network, and a global renown brand like Crayola, was and is very marketing-intensive. Things constantly come up that require a creative mind, an indefatigable work ethic, and a common-sense approach. This is where Nauro came in while he was here and where The Rebel Idea comes in now.

Nauro has been the man of the thousand ideas. His creativity has shown through not just in the building materials sector that Surfaces plays in; it has shown through in national media via our relationship and agreement with The DIY Network; Finally, it has shown through in my company’s dealings with the international powerhouse, Crayola. For me creativity is not always an easy thing to measure or describe–it’s just a feeling, a great feeling, especially when an idea is taken from birth all the way to the store shelf, and then on to a happy customer. Nauro is the kind of creative mind that helps give that feeling–along with confidence and competence–to all those around him, whether they also be in marketing, sales, buying or senior management.

Clearly it was a big loss for my company when Nauro decided to go out on his own and create The Rebel Idea. It should say a lot that my company was the first one to hire Rebel on an on-going basis. The reality is that the level of creativity that Nauro brings to his projects, the joyful approach he brings to his work and his colleagues and customers, and the many, many ideas that he has to make something better for the customer no matter what is something that Surfaces feels proud to be able to “share” with other companies such as yours.

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