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Tile Photography for Marketing and Web

Tile Photography

Three years ago we started working with tile photography. One of our clients called and asked if we could photograph some of his products for his website.

From the beginning our challenge was to make photos that “wow” the internet audience and portrait the product as it is showing all its colors and details.

To get the quality level our client required we invested in equipment, training and hours and hours inside the studio. Our goal was to offer the best tile photography possible and after thousand tiles photographed, study and hard work we believe we did it.

Today you can see our photos on catalogs, websites, social media and all sorts of marketing campaigns.

Why invest in good photos?

Clients trust on your website or catalog to order products. Have photos that don’t properly represent the product may cause all sort of problems such as, the increase in complaints, returns or worst.

On the other hand, good tile photography will reduce your cost with samples, and returns, increase client satisfaction and help your business bottom line.

Mini Room Scenes

To better explore the potential of tile photography, we’ve created the mini-room scenes concept. Mini-room scenes are images that tell a story with tiles. They fulfill the need of showing tile installations without having to invest in a huge amount of material, time and money.

Mini-room scenes were developed exclusively for the tile industry. They are fast to produce and affordable as they require less material, time, labor and trouble that usually involved in making professional images of tile installations.

Using techniques usually adopted only in TV and movie productions, The Rebel Idea developed a photography product that allow our clients to have what they want at a fraction of the cost of a full-scale installation.

Mini-room scenes are a great sale tool as they provide you and your client images that are visually compelling and technically accurate showing a real tile installation and removing the guesswork on the customer’s minds. That can be the difference between making or losing a sale.

Mini Room Scenes and Tile Photography made for our clients:  Mineral Tiles and Stones & More

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